Politics and the Day We Live In

So as of this morning, Donald Trump was sworn in at the 45th President of the United States.  I have followed the election closely throughout and have tried my best to stay out of political debates on social media as most of the time, the posts being made are there simply to try and cause arguments and hatred rather than actual debate and discussion.  It is very disheartening to see how this election has moved forward and the reaction by many Americans both well known and unknown.  From Celebrities bashing the new President on social media to protestors destroying property in the Washington DC area.  The whole circus surrounding this election has just simply gotten out of hand. The big question is what are my feelings towards Donald Trump as our new President?  Well, honestly, I wish him the best.  However, like every President before him since I have been alive, I have little hope that anything he does while in office will have any large standing impact on me personally.  I have lived with […]

Life’s Great Roadblocks – Money & Politics

It always amazes me that anytime you want to pursue a dream there are two things that almost always seem to stand in your way; money and politics.  I recently was making an attempt to improve my career by delving into the Six Sigma arena and attempted to enroll in a Black Belt Master Class that would allow me to become certified.  The cost of the 32 week course came to roughly $7000.  So like any student trying to start out on their education, I looked at student loans.  So in talking with Villanova University they indicated they take the Sallie May Student Loan so I started there.  Well apparently this is one of the toughest student loan companies to get approved with and of course I was denied with the statement that I should find a co-signer.  Well if I had a co-signer available, I likely wouldn’t be going through student loan pocess to begin with and would be using other avenues.   So while disheartened by this rejection, I tried another avenue they […]

Waiting for the Weekend Project

So over the Labor Day holiday weekend, I had an opportunity to start working on my newest technical project; rebuilding my old desktop computer.  I started off with a brand new 24″ Samsung curved monitor which looks absolutely amazing on the desk.   Along with the monitor, I decided to splurge and get a really nice backlit gaming keyboard so I can really enjoy my cyber gaming experiences. Once I got these items I was ready to tryout my old desktop and found it to be woefully inadequte with only 1 GB of Ram and less than 1 GB of video memory (Granted this setup was great back in 2012).  This obviously would not do in this day and age so it was off to NewEgg.com for new components. I’ve been asked why wouldn’t I just buy a new computer?  Why go through all the hassle of upgrading?  For me the answer is simple, it’s so I can get exactly what I want and it puts me in control of what I put into the […]

A Weekend with the Family

This past weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to go on a small vacation together; something we haven’t done together in quite a long time.  The amount of fun we had was definitely off the charts and I can only hope that they had as much fun as I did. We started off on Friday morning with our journey down and visited Disney Springs while waiting for our hotel room to be ready.  For those not in the know, Disney Springs used to be Downtown Disney but they have given it a major overhaul with brand new areas and stores throughout.  Through the end of August they were having a Grand Opening celebration and we even had the opportunity to have our picture taken with a Disney Photopass Photographer. After our visit to Disney Springs we checked into our family suite at the Residence Inn to rest and relax for a while, then we decided to venture forth for dinner.  I finally convinced the family to travel with me about an hour away […]

Remembering the Past – Babylon 5

Last night I just finished rewatching the entire series of a great science fiction classic, Babylon 5, and I must say I continue to enjoy the series every single time I watch it.  This show has one of the best stories I have seen on a science fiction show and like several other of my favorite shows, it seems many of the episodes are linked together throughout the story. The storyline of Babylon 5 is about a space outpost setup by Earth as a sort of neutral ground area where all races in the universe can come together peacefully and prevent wars from happening.  Of course, like any ironic story this never happens and it seems that Babylon 5 is constantly in the middle of some sort of war throughout each season of the show.  One of the most amazing aspects of the show is the foreshadowing that is portrayed throughout.  You see scenes from the first season come back in many of the other seasons that really involve you in the story.  The character […]

Good Things On The Horizon

So we are coming to the end of the August and while summer may be ending, the gaming world is really starting to take off.  Lots of things going on at the end of the month.  The two most notable for me are the new World of Warcraft Expansion:  Legion and Fallout 4’s final DLC, Nuka World. So starting off with Legion; some expansions from Blizzard have been okay and others have been absolutely amazing.  I am very hopeful that this new expasion follows the later.  So far the pre-expansion content has been exceptional, in my opinion.  Similar to many of the other expansions, they have added pre-expansion content to really get you in the mood for the launch; in this case, Demon Invasions of Azeroth.  I think the thing I like best about this pre-expansion is the fact they are trying to include everyone.  So even if you are low level character (at least level 10), you are able to be involved in the invasions that take place throughout the land as they scale […]

A Week in the Heat

I recently just returned from a week in Las Vegas for our company’s annual conference. Had a lot of fun but boy it was hot out there. People always say, “oh it’s a dry heat” but let me tell you, I will prefer the humidity of Florida any day over that dry heat. Now I’ve been in the desert before and I actually do enjoy the dry air because it really helps my sinuses quite a bit and gives me a great rest at night. However, while I was in Las Vegas, they were experiencing record heat with temperatures around 115 degrees in the shade. I recall going to a staff dinner across the street from our hotel and turning the corner to walk onto Las Vegas Blvd and it felt like someone shoved a hot hair dryer into my face. My eyes were actually burning from the heat. To me, that’s not a dry heat, that’s just what I call, too damn hot!! Outside of the heat, the conference itself was a lot of […]

A Fun Day In The Sun

So recently I had the opportunity to hit the links with my wife on an extremely beautiful day at the end of May. There was barely a cloud in the sky with a nice breeze and really made me realize how much I love being outside. I was also able to really polish up my technique; something I’ve been working on since my 5 minute professional lesson at TPC Sawgrass. I was finally able to get the formula in my head of what I needed to do to get down under my irons which led to a rather good day of 1 birdie and a few pars which is much better that I typically do. I was also glad for the fact that my wife has a love for the game again and that she was willing to run the course with me. She had a great time as well and we are both looking forward to another outing.

A Movie Review: Deadpool

So my step son’s birthday was yesterday and I decided that I would buy him Deadpool on BluRay as he mentioned how much he loved the movie when he saw it in the theaters. I had not seen the movie while it was in theaters so we decided to watch it last night and I will admit I was little disappointed and somewhat glad I did not pay to see the movie in theaters. The action and comedy in the movie was 1st rate and was really the highlight of the movie. However, I found the overall plot line extremely lacking and hard to follow. It seems like the movie itself was centered around the action and comedy with no real story line. There was a background story of sorts regarding Wade Wilson and how he became Deadpool but it really just didn’t grab my attention and I found myself wanting more. Ryan Renolds, however, did play the part extremely well and brought this larger than life comic book character to life in a big […]

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review

So I had the chance this weekend to play Bethesda’s Fallout 4 expansion, Far Harbor.  This is the 3rd expansion Bethesda has released for Fallout 4 for this year and is by far the largest of their expansions.  Far Harbor takes place on an island off the coast of New England and comes with some very dark overtones to it.  The story revolves around a missing girl who has traveled to “the island” and you have been charged with finding her.  The ambiance of the island is very reminiscent of the classic horror film, The Fog, and provides that creepy feeling as you walk around this extremely large area and it just about as big as the regular Fallout 4 map. When you arrive on the island you will find this expansion really is a game within a game.  Similar to the core game, there are several factions on the island and you must decide which group to side with and ultimately determine which story ending you will receive.  Also same as the core game, […]