What Happened to Service?

So as of late I had been agonizing over my golf club membership.  Back at the end of July I had an altercation with the golf pro over some clubs I had purchased from a Callaway Demo Day.  This was the first time I had ever been involved in a Demo Day with a golf vendor and wasn’t sure what I was getting into but knew I needed a few new clubs for the bag so I went down the range at the club to test them out.  I found a lob wedge that I been wanted and also tried out some fairway woods.  After the test drive of the clubs I asked them to give me a quote the wedge as well as a 3 wood and 5 wood.  A few weeks later I was told my clubs were in stock and I could pick them us, even though I was just looking for a quote previously.  In any event I went in and picked up my lob wedge and they indicated the woods would be in later.  A few days later I got a call from the pro shop indicating everything else was ready and I could come pick them up.  I got to the pro shop and said I was here to pick up my fairway wood.  They handed me the 3 wood and I assumed that was all that was ordered and went on my way.  A week or so later, I was reviewing my account and found a charge for 2 3-woods and no charges for my lob wedge.  I assumed this was a mistake so I had reached out to the golf pro to explain that I was charged for 2 3-woods instead of 1 3 wood and the lob wedge.  I didn’t receive a response to my original email and continued to follow up several times over the course of the week to try and get a response before the end of the month billing.  Finally after a week had passed, I sent a more stern email with a copy to the club general manager stating that I needed an immediate answer to this situation.  The golf pro finally writes me back and, with no apology whatsoever, proceeds to tell me essentially this situation is my fault that I didn’t ask to pick up the 5 wood which was supposedly the other 3-wood I was charged for and that he had adjusted the account to charge for the lob wedge and removed the 2nd 3-wood.  He also made a very big deal about the fact that he would have to contact Callaway about returning the 5-wood that I had apparently ordered.

Now, in my mind, this situation could have been handled very differently that would not have resulted in me reconsidering my membership.  First he could have apologized for not responding to all of my previous emails and then could have explained what happened in a better way than essentially blaming me for his troubles.  In my eyes, this was probably the worst service I have ever received from this organization in my 6 years as a member and while he won the battle, they lost the war as now they will no longer have my monthly membership fees in their bucket.

I sent in my notice to terminate my membership this morning and I was shocked at the canned reply I received from the Membership Director essentially stating sorry to see you go but oh well have a good time without us.  It was absolutely floored that someone who is dependent on memberships for her job productivity wouldn’t even take a moment to question why we were discontinuing our membership after such a lengthy period of time.  This definitely ensured that the right decision was made to terminate this membership and use the monthly monies budgeted for something else.

Under the Weather

The last few days have been a little rough as I have not been feeling myself lately.  I don’t feel like I am actually sick per se but am just tired all the time.  I stayed home from work yesterday to try and rest with the hope that I would feel better with some extra rest but even after sleeping most of the day off and on yesterday and then also getting well over 10 hours of sleep last night, I’m still feeling absolutely exhausted.  Not sure if daily stress has finally caught up with me or if I have some kind of illness that is causing my body to just shut down but I hope that going into the weekend I will be able to continue to rest and hopefully feel better by next week.

Work hasn’t exactly help much as I continue to feel pretty much ignored most of the time; at least until someone needs something from me.  I will say that my manager at least does make it a point to say good morning to me most days so that’s a plus compared to the past.  However, other things just stick in my craw as when I attempt to ask for help on issues that I am unable to assist with, I feel like I am ignored or made to feel like I am some kind of annoyance.  It’s not the greatest feeling in the world.  I’ve worked for this company for a rather long period of time (going on 18 years) and most times I can handle pretty much any issue that is thrown at me but when it comes to the highly complex issues that require approval above my pay grade it would be nice to get the attention I need to help resolve it rather than having to track people down and pester them until I get an answer.  That process just takes it toll on me and every day I feel completely drained by the time I actually get home that I can barely function.

Something is going to have to give soon or my health is going to be severely impacted.  I’m already stress eating from time to time which isn’t good.  I have at least given up on soda but now I’m wondering if I need to add the caffeine burst back in just to survive the day.  I want be able to be more active but right now all I can think about it sleep.